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Affiliated Dentists at Crazylegs 2013!

Affiliated Dentists at Crazylegs 2013

This year Affiliated Dentists supported the Crazylegs Marathon 2013!  Jen and Connie, two of our office coordinators at our Odana clinic, both participated in the race!  Connie, an avid runner for many years, participated in the 8 kilometer (4.97 miles!) race.  Jen chose to do the two mile walk and happened to run into two of our Affiliated Dentists patients!

Check out Jen’s pictures from Crazylegs 2013 below!

Jen and two of our patients at Crazylegs 2013!
The walker’s starting line.
There were over 17,000 participants at Crazylegs 2013!
The winners of Crazylegs 2013.
The UW Marching Band helped celebrate the day!

Learn more about the History of Crazylegs and how you can participate at a future date on the official website.

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