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Are Dental Implants a Permanent Solution to Tooth Loss?

Are Dental Implants a Permanent Solution to Tooth Loss?

Tooth loss in older adults can cause a host of trouble, including: difficulty eating or speaking, shifting teeth, changes in the appearance of the face, gum disease, and further tooth loss. This painful condition can be remedied by removable dentures, although those can present their own challenges, such as slippage, breakage, and gum discomfort.

At Affiliated Dentists in Madison, we offer a long-term solution to tooth loss through dental implants. The nature and design of these implants allow them to function as natural teeth that can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

Dental Implant Procedure

The process for dental implants begins with a thorough evaluation at our office. We will examine the structure of your jaw and measure your jaw strength to see if you might be a good candidate for dental implants. Having adequate bone mass and strength is essential for providing support for the implants.

If dental implants are right for you, the next step is the surgical placement of the implants. During surgery, a biocompatible titanium post is implanted into the jawbone. One post is required for each new tooth that will be anchored.

After surgery, we allow time for the bone tissue to fuse with the titanium post to create a solid foundation. After this healing period, we then place the crowns.

Placing the Crowns

Once the implants are secured, we will attach a handcrafted permanent crown to each post. The crowns will match your natural teeth perfectly. We work with our master lab technicians to determine the shape, color, and size of your teeth to make them look completely natural.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Because the dental implants actually adhere to your jawbone, they become an integrated part of your mouth. By mimicking the structure of a natural tooth from the root up, dental implants provide all the benefits of natural teeth. Dental implants allow you to eat hard-to-chew foods, improve your bite, and create clear speech. They also restore the natural strength of your jaw by evenly distributing the pressure of biting across all the teeth.

The permanent structure of the implants eliminate the downsides associated with removable dentures, like sore gums, slippage while talking or eating, and breakage from being dropped or stepped on. They also don’t need to be removed and cleaned like dentures.

Dental implants also restore the beauty of your natural smile. Since the crowns are designed to match your natural teeth, your smile will truly look like you, instead of dentures that sometimes can look ill-fitting or unnatural.

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Longevity of Dental Implants

The best part of dental implants? They can last a lifetime! If you are in good health, follow proper oral hygiene, and don’t suffer from diabetes or a preexisting medical condition like cancer, your implants should stand the test of time. (Note: Unlike the implants themselves, it’s possible the crowns on top of the posts may need to be replaced due to wear and tear from chewing.)

Affiliated Dentists in Madison, Wisconsin

At Affiliated Dentists, we offer a wide array of dental services, including dental implants, in Madison, Wisconsin. If you are interested in learning more about dental implants, please schedule an appointment with us today.

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