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Dental Appointment After Care

Scene fades in. The setting: your inviting Affiliated Dentists office, filled with our smiling and friendly staff. You’ve arrived early, been greeted, and enjoyed a warm cup of hot chocolate from our Keurig before being called.

Your appointment goes well – you didn’t feel a thing! – and before you know it, you’re checked out and heading home. But hours later, the anesthetic has worn off, and you realize something is starting to hurt.

What should you do?

Dental Appointment Aftercare

Many people aren’t aware that tooth is actually a tissue. It’s hard tissue.  But most of us do know that if tissue is cut, inflammation occurs. The human body can generally heal itself quickly, so it is rare that a tooth that has undergone treatment does not heal. However, in some cases, some teeth don’t heal. This is when more complex treatment may be needed.

Preventative Aftercare

  • Careful aftercare following any dental procedure is always required to ensure your mouth heals properly. A good preventative plan our dentists recommend to all their patients follows:
  • If you medical history allows, you can take an anti-inflammatory medication, such as Ibuprofen before the numbness wears off.
  • As you may not be able to feel parts of your mouth, be very careful and go slow when eating or drinking until your anesthetic wears off – you won’t realize you could have bitten or burned yourself until later.
  • Keep the treated area as clean as possible using gentle brushing and maintaining good oral hygiene.

What If My At Home Aftercare Isn’t Helping?

When treatment is completed on a tooth, which involves cutting into it, trauma is being done. Just like if you are hit on the arm, your body responds by sending blood to that area, causing a bruise and some swelling. Your teeth, however, cannot swell, so they can overreact to the trauma done, meaning they can be more sensitive for a while to cold temperatures or to biting. This is why we recommend taking anti-inflammatory medication. These symptoms should pass within a few days.

However, if these symptoms linger or worsen, it may be time to contact us. As you may know, Affiliated Dentists has two locations. On Madison’s West side off of Odana Road, and on the East side, on River Place just off the beltline, both of which are staffed with multiple dentists. In addition, we always have a doctor on call on nights and weekends.

The advantage of this is that there are two locations that can see you if your personal dentist is unavailable or if you have an emergency at any time. And don’t worry about having your records handy – it can be transferred between our offices with a mere click of our front desk mouse.

Aftercare Is Important – and So Are You

In the movies, almost no one goes to the dentist. If they do, it is either for comedic value or to make it seem scarier than it truly is. But this is real life, and each patient and their teeth are extremely important to our staff at Affiliated Dentists.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about a dental appointment, dental insurance, or dental care, contact us. We will always be there, ready to help.


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