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How do I keep my teeth clean at work?

You take care of your teeth in the morning and at night. But that leaves eight hours during the day when your teeth are left to deal with meals, snacking, and sugary beverages.

Here are a few tips for How do I keep my teeth clean at work?

  1. Brush Your Teeth at Work
  2. Use Flossers After Meals and Snacks
  3. Drink Water at Your Work Station
  4. Choose Sugarfree Gum, Mint, and Candy
  5. Stop Constant Snacking

Brush Your Teeth at Work

Bringing your full-size electric toothbrush from home probably isn’t practical. What is doable, however, is keeping a travel size toothbrush and tube of toothpaste in a breathable container that you can bring to the bathroom. Brush for two minutes with a fluoride toothpaste after lunch to clear away any food debris and plaque that may have formed since the morning. The breathable case will allow your toothbrush to dry out, inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

Use Flossers After Meals and Snacks

Leave your string floss at home. Instead, keep dental flossers at your desk. Small enough to fit in a pocket and be used discreetly, these will help keep the areas between your teeth clean and improve gum health. Flossers can also be used to dislodge trapped food. Remember: never use a foreign object not designed for oral health in the mouth. Items like pencils, keys, knives, and paper clips can do more harm than good by piercing gum tissue, breaking teeth, and causing general oral pain.

Drink Water at Your Work Station

Drinking water throughout the day at your work station or desk is another great way to maintain your oral health at work. Water promotes gum health by rinsing away food debris between the teeth before plaque can form. It keeps breath fresh by washing away bacteria from between the teeth and on the tongue. Drinking water with fluoride in it also strengthens tooth enamel. Swapping out sweetened beverages for water will do wonders in keeping your mouth fresh and clean at work.

Choose Sugar-Free Gum, Mint, and Candy

If you get the urge to chew on something at work, make sure to reach for a sugar-free gum, mint, or candy. Keeping sugary treats in your mouth throughout the day will cause bacteria to build up in the mouth, causing bad breath and tooth decay. Gum chewing is particularly beneficial, as it increases the production of saliva that helps counteract and wash away acids from any bacteria in the mouth.

Stop Constant Snacking

Constant grazing throughout the workday is both hard on your waistline and on your teeth. The frequent presence of food in the mouth is another way bacteria builds up between teeth, causing plaque to form. Give your teeth a break by eating at designated meal times and stopping afterward. Drink water to curb food cravings until the next set meal or snack time to ensure you have a fresh, healthy smile at work.

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