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August 10, 2022 4:40 am

Dental Care During Pregnancy

Oh baby! How is it possible that one little person can make such big changes in his mama’s body? As all expectant moms know, pregnancy impacts Mom from head to toe. Headaches,

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Men’s Dental Health Issues

Men, did you know: when it comes to dental health, women have the upper hand. Research shows that women are more likely than men to enjoy healthier teeth and gums. Although there

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Oral Cancer Risk Factors

Did you know that when you visit us for a check-up, your exam includes an oral cancer screening? That’s because sadly, oral cancer affects over 30,000 Americans annually. That’s more than a

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What is Full Arch Reconstruction?

If missing or failing teeth, multiple old crowns, fillings, or bridges are hindering your ability to chew or making you downright uncomfortable, you might be curious about full arch reconstruction. This relatively

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Are My Gums Healthy?

Badger red is the perfect color for sweatshirts, t-shirts, and pom poms. However, it’s not the color that you want your gums to be! If the appearance of your gums has you

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