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Keep Up To Date – Covid-19

At Affiliated Dentists, we are doing our part to help protect our community from the spread of COVID-19. As such, we are following recommendations from the American Dental Association on how to help curb spreading.

Dental Implant Aftercare Tips

Dental implants are a wonderful option for restoring smiles. Long-lasting and reliable, your dental implants will look and feel just like your natural teeth. And with proper care, they will last a

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Do I Have TMJ?

Just like any parent involved in a youth sports carpool knows, a complex system needs all the parts to work together to keep things running smoothly. All it takes is one late

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How Much Sugar is Too Much?

Miggy’s Bakes, Greenbush Bakery, Babcock Ice Cream…Madison is home to an amazing array of delicious confections! But if you’ve been making our city’s finest treats a daily habit, you might be wondering:

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What Does a Restorative Dentist Do?

Here at Affiliated Dentists in Madison, Wisconsin, we tackle all sorts of dental problems, from regular teeth cleanings to full smile makeovers. That’s because our dentists are trained as pediatric, cosmetic, and

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Busby Retirement

Dr. Busby Retirement.

It’s with tremendous pride but also mixed emotions that we honor our founding member, Dr. John Busby, as he retires after nearly 40 years with Affiliated Dentists. Dr. Busby’s commitment to building

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Top 5 Dental Myths Debunked

We’ve been in the business of caring for teeth for a long time. In that time, we’ve heard some whoppers! Just like cavities, misconceptions about dental care can create a lot of

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Why are My Teeth Sensitive?

Why are My Teeth Sensitive? Enamel vs. Dentin Common Culprits of Tooth Sensitivity Ways to Combat Tooth Sensitivity Treatments for Tooth Sensitivity When you picture a luscious scoop of Babcock ice cream,

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