Awards to Smile About: Our Latest Recognitions

We Are Honored to Have Madison’s Top Dentists

While Madison is full of dentists to choose from, at Affiliated Dentists we continue to stand out. Take notice of our very own Dr. John Busby, Dr. Maggie Smith and Dr. Mark Gustavson– earning accolades!

What Is the Top Dentist Award?

Every year, health care professionals participate in nominating their peers.

  • All dentists and hygienists from the Madison Wi area can submit their nominations.
  • Reviews are based on several criteria:
    • Years of experience 
    • Patient satisfaction
    • Successful dental cases completed 
    • Years of continuing education
    • Technology and Materials proficiency 

Once nominated, the state dental board ensures all licensing is in good standing before the award is given to the dentist.

Our Top Dentists

We asked Dr. Smith and Dr. Gustavson what made them happy about being a dentist, as well as why they felt Madison is a great community to serve in.

Dr. Mark Gustavson

Dr. Gustavson takes pride and satisfaction from dentistry because he gets to solve problems for many different people.

Each interaction is a chance to get to know and help someone, and each procedure is a little puzzle that needs to be solved and I get to work with my hands to do it,” he says. “If I wasn’t a dentist I think I would have been a finish carpenter working with wood.”

When not practicing dentistry, Dr. Gustavson loves to ride his bicycle. He’s lived in the Madison, WI area for over 10 years now. “It was a true leap of faith, as we knew one other dentist but no one else,” he recalls. “I ended up finding a wonderful office where everyone is working to try to help the patients and keep people happy.  We found a community that we have grown into with our three kids and I cannot imagine living anywhere else.  I look forward to a few more decades of service to this community.”
This is the second year in a row that Dr. Mark Gustavson has been named one of Madison’s Top Dentists!

What is wakesurfing anyway?

Dr Gustavson Wake Surfing

Wakesurfing is a water sport in which a rider trails behind a boat, riding the boat’s wake without being directly pulled by the boat.

Dr. Maggie Smith

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do as a career. I didn’t wake up one morning wanting to be a dentist.” 

Dr. Maggie Smith first earned her degree in Exercise Science, then continued her education by earning an M.S. in Clinical Anatomy. From there, she pursued dentistry, and couldn’t be happier.

Being a dentist allows me to interact with a bunch of different people from all walks of life,” she says. “I love fixing things and having the opportunity to get patient’s smiles back to health gets me excited.”

She especially enjoys Madison’s patients because:

I love being a dentist in Madison because the patients have a high dental IQ. They understand the importance of good oral hygiene and the long term effects it has on your mouth.” 

Similar to Dr. Gustavson, Dr. Smith loves to be outdoors during her free time. She is constantly going for runs or playing on a volleyball team.

I just got back from Vail. I did white water rafting for the first time. I luckily was able to stay on the raft despite a few close calls, one of my friends wasn’t so lucky. We spent the rest of the time fishing, eating, and drinking with family and friends.”


Dr. John Busby Named a Distinguished Alumni In 2016

Dr. John Busby was congratulated by Chancellor Dennis Shields himself at UW-Platteville. Honored to be named a Distinguished Alumni, his parents, Edward and Lois Busby, began a long tradition of aiding UW-Platteville, which has an entire wing named after the Busbys.

What Is the Distinguished Alumni Award and Who Are the Candidates?

This impressive award acknowledges individuals who have demonstrated outstanding career success in their lifetime. To be eligible for nomination for Distinguished Alumni, the candidates must:

  • Have graduated from UW-Platteville with an undergraduate or graduate degree
  • Be a strong contributor to his or her profession
  • Have been recognized in the community or workplace with awards and recognition
  • Are a contributing citizen to the community
  • Actively engaged with UW-Platteville
  • Have advanced degrees (which are reviewed but not necessary to receive the award)
  • Have records of achievement should extend over a substantial period of time, assuring continuity of performance, stability and maturity

The Busby family has sponsored several scholarships at the school. During his time at UW-Platteville the football coach discovered John had some eligibility to play and named him the starting quarterback.

Dr Busby Platteville Alumni

We Couldn’t Be More Proud

John Busby is a Lifetime Member of the Alumni at UW-Platteville, and in 2003 he was honored with the Denny Pratt Volunteer of the Year Award. In addition to:

  • Founding the school’s dental internship program, 
  • Past commencement speaker 
  • Served 10 years as the director for the UW-Platteville Foundation Board of Directors 

The school is incredibly important to him and his family. When asked why, he responds,

“A lot of tremendous things happened in my life while I was at UW-Platteville. Working on this capital campaign is my way of giving back to UW-Platteville for creating a launch pad for me and my career.”

Dr Busby Platteville Alumni

Dr. Busby was honored to be named a “Distinguished Alumni” of UW-Platteville.

We are extremely proud of Dr. Busby and his commitment to helping UW-Platteville with his continued support and generosity. Please help us in congratulating him on receiving the Distinguished Alumni Award this year!

Congratulations, Doctors!

We here at Affiliated Dentists couldn’t be more proud of our leading dental experts! Come see us today and keep the momentum going! We can all smile together!

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