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Keep Up To Date – Covid-19

At Affiliated Dentists, we are doing our part to help protect our community from the spread of COVID-19. As such, we are following recommendations from the American Dental Association on how to help curb spreading.

Dr. Porter Has Joined Our Team

Dr. Brian Porter Has Joined the Affiliated Dentists Team! We are proud to announce Dr. Brian Porter has joined our team here at Affiliated Dentists!  Fresh out of the Navy, he is

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Wisdom Teeth

All About Wisdom Teeth We’ve all heard about people having their wisdom teeth removed, but what are they? Some people have to have them extracted right after they begin growing in. Others

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The Development of Your Teeth

A Developing Smile It may not seem like it, but the development of your teeth is a fascinating process.  For example, did you know we humans start developing teeth as early as

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Dental Implants

Do You Need a Dental Implant? We know dental terminology can get confusing at times.  If you’ve been diagnosed with the need of a dental implant but have no idea what one

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Mouth Sores

Most of us have suffered some form of mouth sore. That annoying little spot inside the mouth along the gum line, or on the inside of the cheek that makes itself known

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Nail Biting

Nail Biting – An Overlooked Impulse Control Disorder Whether it was because you broke a nail in a way that left a sharp or uneven edge, or the length of the nail

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Why Do We Blush?

“The blush is the most peculiar and most human of all expressions.”  –Charles Darwin We’ve all been there: we trip over our own feet, walk into a wall or screen door, stumble

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Affiliated Dentists at Crazylegs 2013!

Affiliated Dentists at Crazylegs 2013 This year Affiliated Dentists supported the Crazylegs Marathon 2013!  Jen and Connie, two of our office coordinators at our Odana clinic, both participated in the race!  Connie,

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Smoking and Your Teeth

Regardless of the widely known facts that smoking is extremely damaging to your health and surroundings, about 43.8 US adults smoke regularly.  Not only does it permanently damage your lungs and skin

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The Tooth Fairy

Who Is the Tooth Fairy? When you ask a child who the Tooth Fairy is the reply is almost always the same. The Tooth Fairy is a woman – typically in a

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