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Welcome To the Team, Dr. Dendinger!

Affiliated Dentists is proud to welcome their newest addition to their staff, Dr. Dendinger!

Dr Dendinger Madison Dentist

Who Is Dr. Dendinger?

Our new dentist is the sister of our very own Dr. Maggie Smith! She grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska. After attending college for nursing, she decided to get her degree in dentistry at Creighton University.

What Made You Want to Become A Dentist?

“After working as a nurse for five years, I realized that I loved working with patients,” Dr. Dendinger said. She decided to pursue another profession. Knowing she wanted to remain in healthcare, she looked for something that still allowed her to feed her artistic side as well.

A Love of Dentistry

Being an open-minded, optimistic, creative person, Dr. Dendinger explains she ended up choosing dentistry because, “It is an area of healthcare that allows me to use artistry in my everyday practice, and I love it!”

A Little More About Dr. Dendinger

In her free time, Susie enjoys baking, creating art, and music. On the weekends, she can be found playing outside with her two sons or having date nights with her husband. She also enjoys going for runs and catching up on her favorite TV shows. Some day, she says, if enough free time is found, she’d love to write a book.

When asked about her biggest inspiration, she replies with, “My hero is my dad. He taught me to use the gifts I’ve been given and the importance of perseverance and hard work. His support motivated me in every major decision in my life.”

We’re Proud to Have You On the Team, Dr. Dendinger!

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Susie Dendinger, who will begin on July 10, 2017. We are all excited to work with her, knowing her wonderful attitude and dedication to her patients will be a strong asset to our team.

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