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Four Essential Oral Hygiene Products


Four Essential Oral Hygiene Products Every Home Needs

We already know the importance of good oral hygiene at home, but many of us don’t even own the top four products needed to maintain it between our regular six month cleanings and check ups. These items are essential to keep your oral hygiene in check. The manual brush was invented in the 1930s. However, historians have found evidence of alternative tools that date back to the Tang Dynasty. Since its creation in the 1990s, the electric toothbrush has been replacing manual ones in homes across the globe.
photo of dental products - toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss

Electronic Toothbrush

When you hear the word “toothbrush” you most likely think of what is called a “manual” toothbrush. This is the kind we hand out in your goodie bags after a cleaning at our office. There are many different kinds and styles, but the most effective kind to use at home is an electric toothbrush. It also has a variety of options to choose from.
The electric toothbrush is a fantastic oral hygiene tool that is powered by rechargeable batteries. The head of the brush makes rapid back-and-forth movements, faster than a person can use a manual brush, in order to clean your teeth. Most use a built in timer that counts down two minutes before it automatically shuts itself off. They are very effective, especially for children, in that they show you just how long you are supposed to be brushing your teeth, and because they maintain a constant motion throughout your entire brush cycle to help knock bacteria off in even hard to reach areas of your mouth.


This important product comes in either a paste or gel form. Users spread toothpaste over the bristles of your toothbrush, whether its manual or electric, and aids in removing plaque, food and bacteria from your teeth with its slightly abrasive texture. Its creators use active ingredients also help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Although not harmful if a small amount is swallowed, because of the chemical make up, it is recommended to be spit out after use.

Dental Floss

Dental floss is made using either nylon or a material called Teflon. Its creation can be tracked back to the early 1800s. Some people prefer their floss waxy, while others rather use unwaxed. You can use floss in a few different ways: regularly, in a floss pick, or with a floss threader.
Floss is used to clean between your teeth, where your toothbrush and paste cannot reach. It is strong enough to remove debris, food and plaque. Hygienists and dentists recommend you floss once per day at minimum.  For those who don’t like to wrap the floss around their fingers, or for hard to reach areas, a floss pick is a very handy tool.
A more recent creation is called a water flosser. It uses a strong stream of water to clean between your teeth, shooting debris into your mouth for you to spit out. Although messier, some do find it easier.

Mouth Rinse

You may have seen the TV commercials that depict people swishing a mouth rinse over their sinks. Oral rinses are great tools to help promote good oral hygiene. Like the other hygiene tools mentioned above, it comes in a variety of different kinds. Users hold and swish it in their mouths for a set amount of time for the active ingredients to do their jobs. Then, once done, they eject it out of their mouths into the sink.
Mouth rinses are liquids that are an antiseptic solution. They are used to combat bad breath, help prevent tooth decay, reduce plaque and gingivitis, and more. Consumers can find the kind that will work best for them by speaking to their dentist or hygienist.

Affiliated Dentists Can Tell You More!

As stated above, there are many options to choose from for all of these products. If you are standing in the oral hygiene aisle and have no idea which brands to choose, don’t worry. Your personal hygienist at Affiliated Dentists will discuss the different kinds that will be right for you. They will even include a toothbrush as well as small samples of floss and toothpaste to take home after every cleaning and checkup!

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