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State Employee Dental Plans – Where Am I Covered?

Your State Employee Dental Plan Has Changed

On January 1st, 2016, all state employee dental plans underwent a significant change.

What About My Plan Has Changed?

Previously, dental benefits on all state employee dental plans were linked to their medical plans. This meant that you were required to go to a dentist that was solely in your medical plan’s network. These medical plan networks included:

  • Unity
  • Physicians Plus
  • Group Health Cooperative

If you previously had one of these medical plans with a dental rider, you knew that you would only get coverage by going to a dentist within the network of your medical plan. Unfortunately, there were very few – if any – to choose from. Now that the state employee dental plans have changed to Delta Dental of Wisconsin, patients who have these plans are free to go anywhere within the Delta Dental PPO or Premier network for coverage.

Affiliated Dentists Has Been the Preferred Delta Dental Provider for Nearly 20 Years

Delta Dental of Wisconsin has always been an innovator in insurance options for businesses and consumers. When asked why Affiliated Dentists has been contracted with Delta Dental PPO and Premier plans for so many years, owner Dr. John Busby said, “Affiliated Dentists chose to be providers for both Delta Dental Premier and Delta Dental PPO options because it allows us to provide top dental care to a broader range of patients. Affiliated Dentists’ goal has always been to provide better dental care to as many patients in Dane County as possible.”

What Is the Difference Between Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier?

Delta Dental Premier is the top of the line dental insurance product, whereas the Delta Dental PPO option offers a higher level of dental benefits at the same price as Delta Premier. The PPO option gives the consumer the choice of more dental benefits for their dental insurance premium dollar. Regardless of if you have Delta Dental PPO or Premier, both options help ensures that patients receive better dental care.

Your State Employee Dental Plan

As a state employee you now have Delta Dental as your dental insurance plan if you are signed up for insurance through your employer. Many Delta Dental plans now have both the PPO and Premier levels, so it is important to look over your plan and what it covers. Thankfully, with Affiliated Dentists being contracted with both PPO and Premier plans through Delta Dental, if your plan offers both levels, you will be getting the best coverage possible at our office.

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