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Keep Your Smile Bright During the Holidays

Good dental health promotes good health overall. Stay healthy and happy this holiday season by focusing on your dental health. Strategies such as avoiding sugar, keeping up on your dental care routine, and staying hydrated will go a long way toward keeping your smile bright during the holidays.

Keep your smile as bright as your holiday wear by

  • Planning family activities that don’t revolve around sweets
  • Avoiding sugar at holiday parties
  • Choosing snacks instead of candy for stocking stuffers
  • Maintaining a daily brushing and flossing routine
  • Drinking extra water while traveling
  • Seeing Affiliated Dentists immediately in case of a dental emergency

Plan Treat-Free Holiday Activities

The holidays can easily become a sugar overload, especially for children. Help keep excessive sweets at bay by finding other ways to celebrate the season. Choosing fun, non-treat activities like making homemade ornaments or caroling instead of decorating Christmas cookies are small ways to keep your loved ones’ teeth healthy over the holidays.

Go Low-Sugar at Holiday Parties

Let your teeth shine this season by celebrating without the sugar. Decide ahead of time to only have one or two small treats and pass on the rest. Choose liquor with a diet mixer instead of a syrupy cocktail. Drink water between alcoholic beverages.

Sugar-Free Stocking Stuffers

Stuff your family’s stockings with their dental health in mind. Instead of filling stockings with candy, consider festive snacks such as orange-flavored dried cranberries, spiced nuts, or specialty popcorn. Your family’s teeth and tummies will thank you!

Maintain Good Dental Care Habits During the Holidays

Don’t be tempted to let your good habits fall by the wayside during the holidays. Maintaining a routine of twice-daily brushing for two minutes and flossing once a day is critical to keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Enjoy a fun night out with friends, but make yourself brush and floss before going to bed. Sticking to good dental health habits during the holidays might even inspire you to stay true to other good habits, like keeping to a diet.

Stay Hydrated While Traveling

Combat dehydration during holiday travel by drinking extra water. A dehydrated, dry mouth can cause bacteria to build up, causing bad breath and gingivitis. Drinking water, however, promotes saliva production. Saliva fights bacteria and helps remove food debris from between the teeth before plaque can form.

Affiliated Dentists Emergency Services

Unfortunately, dental emergencies arise even during the holidays. If you have broken dentures, a lost crown, chipped tooth, or loose fillings, don’t hesitate to call us! Other problems like swollen or infected gums, general tooth decay, or abscessed teeth also shouldn’t wait. Schedule an appointment right away and we’ll get you back to enjoying the holidays as soon as possible.

For dental care this holiday season, contact:

Affiliated Dentists East Office
100 River Pl, Suite 220
Madison, WI 53716
Phone: 1-608-222-3231

Affiliated Dentists West Office
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Madison, WI 53719
Phone: 1-608-274-9077

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