Downloadable Tooth Fairy Certificate!

Our Tooth Fairy Certificate Is Fun For the Whole Family

Our staff here at Affiliated Dentists are constantly looking for fun do-it-yourself family projects, especially those related to the tooth fairy. A legend that has been around for hundreds of years, the tooth fairy is a fantasy figure for young children used by parents to give their children positive emotions when they lose a baby tooth. Many parents stick to the regular tradition of having their child place the tooth underneath their pillow the same night and replace it with a coin or dollar bill. However, as social media grew, more fun and creative ideas came about for your family to keep the tradition fresh and exciting. One of these is a DIY tooth fairy certificate.


Why A Certificate?

One fun DIY project that we liked is called a Tooth Fairy Certificate. The goal of this certificate is to congratulate your child for being brave during and after losing their first baby tooth, but also to encourage keeping their teeth clean. Once you download this tooth fairy certificate, you will see that it is from the official tooth fairy herself, something that is sure to leave kids excited when they find this under their pillow. Hang it on the fridge or somewhere it can be seen daily so your child can be proud, and make sure you point out the sentence stating that the tooth fairy loves to find clean, healthy teeth! This will inspire your children to take extra care of their teeth every day so the next time they lose a tooth it will be just as healthy as the last one.

A New Addition To Your Family Tradition

There are thousands of different DIY projects you can create with your kids to keep the tooth fairy tradition going strong. You can always check out sites like Pinterest to get started, but we recommend coming up with entirely new ideas on your own! Don’t forget to share your ideas and creations with us at your next scheduled appointment!

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