A question about implant dentures

We had a patient ask about implant dentures and Dr. Gustavson answers.

Maria asks:

I would like to talk to you about the implant dentures. And find out the procedure and the cost. I had all my teeth pulled right before Thanksgiving of 2016. I had to wait until February for dentures. After receiving them, I have been back to that dentist at least once, some times twice a week. They still do not fit right and I can’t keep them in nor eat anything but soft foods. I don’t know what to do any more. Please help me!

Thank you for your time.


Sorry that I did not get back to you on this question.  The question is a difficult one especially when it comes to price.   Let’s start with definitions.  

Tissue supported implant denture:  A denture that can be removed by the patient that is supported by the tissue and bone, but is aided in retention by the implant attachments.  It will move a little when the tissue is compressed, but stable to rotation.  In the upper jaw you would want four implants so that you could not have acrylic covering the roof of you mouth.  In the lower jaw you can get away with two implants but the back of the denture would lift a little, so four implants are better.

Implant supported denture:  This denture requires at least four implants that are connected with a metal bar.  The denture still is removable by the patient, but it is very stable with almost no compression or rotation.

Hybrid screw retained denture:   This also requires at least four implants that are connected with a metal bar.  Most people will call this an implant bridge because only the dentist can take it out.  You can use denture teeth that can be easily repaired or more expensive materials to increase the strength and beauty.  The wonderful benefit of this treatment is that you can avoid the months with no denture or a painful denture because a temporary bridge can be made the day of surgery which does not put pressure on the healing surgical site.  This treatment is called an All on Four.

The prices of these treatments increase with the placement of more implants, the complexity of the surgery and the closer to teeth that you want the final outcome to be.

Any time implants are involved in treatment the costs will rise.  Each option has the cost that you would associated with a car.  It just depends on what type of car that you want. 

Dr. Mark Gustavson

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