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INSIDE LOOK: Working with your siblings, part1

Siblings share an inextricable, one-of-a-kind bond. They’ve been through it all together—from the embarrassing moments to the triumphs and all the family reunions—and they’re the only ones who understand (and probably share) the little quirks that date back to childhood. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with your sibling?

Sisters Dr. Dendinger and Dr. Budde are the first in a series of interviews with three sets of employee siblings at Affiliated Dentists.

Dr. Susie Dendinger :: Dr. Maggie Budde

Have you ever worked together at the same company prior to Affiliated Dentists?

MB: We have never worked together before somewhere else. We played sports together when we were in high school and it always seemed to bring us closer together.

SD: We never worked together but we played a lot of the same sports while growing up and in high school we played on the same volleyball team for 2 years.

Do you have a different relationship than when you were younger? Do you think your younger selves would be surprised you work together now? Why or why not?

MB: We had a love/hate relationship growing up. We are only 17 months apart so my mom raised us like twins. We were always in cahoots together but when we weren’t getting along, it involved the usual hair pulling, biting, and scratching fights that sisters do. Luckily, we have both matured and that’s a thing of the past.

SD: Growing up, Maggie and I had very different personalities. I never would have imagined working together. As we have grown into adults, I’ve realized that while we have many differences, we place value on many of the same things in our lives and our priorities, professionally and personally, are very much in line. It’s been a natural progression and it just works.

Who’s older? What’s the age difference between you two?

MB: I’m 17 months older – so obviously, I’m
the wiser one

SD: I don’t know about that one.

Do you talk about work at family gatherings?

MB: I try to avoid it as best as I can. I hate talking about work outside the office, but it naturally comes up every once in a while.

SD: Occasionally, but in general we both love our lives outside the office and we try and respect that time. To be honest, most the time I have a screaming toddler shouting at me, so I wouldn’t hear what Maggie was talking about regardless.

Are there any other dentists in the family?

MB: We don’t have any other dentists in our family.

SD: No. Just Mags and I are dentists. She is the person that recommended that I pursue dentistry. So while I’m hesitant to extend her too much credit, she is the reason I’m a dentist.

How has your dynamic as siblings boosted your relationship and career?

MB: We have always been really close but now we have even more things in common to talk about. What really boosted our relationship wasn’t working together but living in the same city. For the past 10 years, my closest family member was 4 hours away. It’s nice to have family close by and be able to randomly stop by her place to say “hi” and see my nephews.

SD: It’s a positive dynamic because Maggie is a great sounding board. She gives honest and genuine advice. She cares about my personal well-being, but we both understand that in order
for us to work together, we both have to do our part to make it work. Respect and support
is a huge part of our success in working together.

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