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Spring Activities For the Whole Family

Spring Is Near and It’s Time To Get Outside!

With winter on its last leg we can finally (hopefully!) put away our winter coats, scarves and mittens and exchange them for light jackets, umbrellas and galoshes. It’s true, spring can mean lots of rain, but it also means warm weather is in our sights and that we can finally go outside without bundling up. Regardless of the rain, there are plenty of fun activities your whole family can enjoy this Spring!


Indoor Ideas For Some Springtime Fun

Sometimes it can rain all day during Spring, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some indoor fun!

Join A Book Club

Sometimes there’s nothing more relaxing than reading a good book next to a window as it rains. The constant sound of the raindrops pattering against the windows and on the roof can be calming as your book takes you on an adventure in a distant land. If you aren’t sure what book to read, or just want some additional ideas for some good stories, there are thousands of book clubs you can join. Some are online and some meet in person, and others even are for kids, too, so the whole family can pick one to join!


Build Something

Get your kids and get creative! It may be raining outside, but there are plenty of things you can create inside, some of which you can use when the weather is nicer. You can draw, paint, or even build something!

  • a birdhouse
  • flower pots
  • spring themed decorations
  • bookends
  • draw up plans for a tree house
  • stained glass art (check your local hobby shop for this)

Spring Cleaning Challenges

Most people have heard about a tradition called “spring cleaning.” The idea behind this annual purge is to, once the weather is warm enough, open doors and windows and give your house a nice, thorough clean from top to bottom. Now, we know not everyone likes to clean, especially kids, but with what is called a Spring Cleaning Challenge, it can be fun and productive at the same time!

There are plenty of examples online of Spring Cleaning Challenges, but we find that it’s most fun to create your own. Some families decide to do the challenge all at once in one day but it can be a full weekend challenge to spread the tasks out a little. The most efficient way is to separate the rooms of your house and write down each cleaning task that needs to be completed. Here is an example:


  • clean the fridge
  • scrub the microwave
  • wipe down all appliances
  • mop the floor
  • go through food and toss everything that’s expired

Do this type of list for each room so way you have small tasks in each area of your house, making the cleaning less daunting. Your children can help, too! Let them pick an easier task such as cleaning their rooms, dusting, vacuuming (depending on their ages) or sweeping the garage. You can even have a type of treasure chest or prize box for them to pick a reward out of after they finish a task, or let them pick dinner for their reward for being such good helpers for the day. Don’t forget to put on some upbeat music that everybody loves to keep the spirit going! With a little help from everyone, spring cleaning your house will be an easy task!

Outdoor Fun In the Spring

The possibilities are endless when it comes to playing and exploring outside in the warm weather. Here are a few favorite ideas for Spring activities which our staff here at Affiliated Dentists came up with that your whole family can partake in now that it is warming up outside!

Visit the Zoo

No matter how often you go, the zoo never gets old, especially for little children! Spring is the best time to go as it is when the new baby animals get to make their appearances. Our own Henry Vilas Zoo here in Madison even has a petting zoo for kids and is entirely free to visit!

Go To A Mallards Game

One of the biggest enjoyments of the season in Madison is right on its East side. Our very own Mallards baseball team has a fantastic area for adults and kids alike to watch the game, eat ballpark food and enjoy the sun! Tickets aren’t very expensive, and they have group package rates as well. This is a wonderful way to get outside and watch some sports with the little ones or with friends!

Frequent Your Local Farmers Market

Each year there are multiple farmer’s markets to attend around Madison, the biggest one being on the square around the Capital building Saturday mornings. Hundreds of people visit it, and with good reason. It is the best place to buy the freshest food directly from local farmers along with other things like art, cheese and plants as well.


Explore and Play!

Even if it is raining out, Spring is for going outside and for discovering new things as the snow melts. Take your entire family on a fishing trip or on a hike, or stay inside and paint, play interactive games or read to each other. No matter what you choose to do during the upcoming Spring, be sure to stay safe and stay healthy, and share your warm weather adventures with us at your next dental appointment!

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