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Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

For a brighter smile

Teeth whitening before and after

Throughout the course of everyday life our teeth can become yellowed and stained and you may be a candidate for cosmetic teeth whitening.

Cigarettes, coffee and many foods can lead to discoloration, and stained teeth can dull your smile and make you look older than you are. Our cosmetic teeth whitening services will bring that sparkle back in no time!

There are two primary methods of professional cosmetic teeth whitening, tray whitening and in-office whitening.

During tray whitening, an impression is taken and a custom tray is made for the patient. Next, a supply of whitening gel is given to the patient who wears the tray for a few hours each day for a period of time until an acceptable result is achieved. Increased sensitivity of teeth is a typical side effect of this method and is almost always temporary.

In two quick and simple appointments we will deliver to you special trays that custom fit your teeth. Then a whitening gel is placed in the trays and worn during the day or overnight depending on the treatment option you choose. Maximum whitening can be achieved in only 10-14 days, and results may be seen after just the first application.

After your teeth have been whitened, touch ups might be required to help you get the sparkling smile you desire.

Take-home trays & Zoom are two very popular options.

There are several options for bleaching your teeth.  The most popular option is our take home bleaching trays.  We take an impression of your teeth on the upper and lower arches, and then make a mold of both.  From there we are able to create custom whitening trays that fit only your teeth.  Once we try them on, you are sent home with the trays and some bleaching gel along with instructions as to how often you should bleach (each patient is different and this is discussed at your appointment in detail).

We also have an in-office option called Zoom that bleaches your teeth a few shades whiter the same day.  However, this option isn’t for everyone, and a whitening consult (free of charge) is needed before it can be done to ensure your teeth would be able to handle the intensity of the sudden bleaching.

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