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A replacement for lost teeth.

Old man smiling with his dentures in

For many, dentures are a useful and convenient replacement for lost teeth. Partial and full dentures can help restore a smile and one’s quality of life.

Dentures can be colored and shaped to your liking and are measured to fit your mouth.

Individual needs determine whether full or partial dentures would best serve a patient.

Dentures are most often held onto the gums with a bonding agent. In lieu of this approach, some people prefer implant-retained dentures, which are bolted into the jawbone.

For those people who need dentures and have the requisite jawbone strength, implant-retained dentures can be a desirable alternative.

It’s our goal to ensure that, if you need dentures, they feel like an extension of you and as close to your natural teeth as we can make them.

What are the most common causes of tooth loss?

Let’s get to the root of the problem. Why people loose their teeth? The most common causes of tooth loss include cavities (dental caries) and gum disease (periodontitis). Learn more about periodontal maintenance treatments. In the case of the tooth cavities, tooth structure is irreversibly lost as a result of oral bacteria producing acid on the surfaces of the teeth. As the cavity progresses in size the weakened tooth breaks and chips away. As the cavity process spreads deeper into the internal part of the tooth, bacteria and bacterial products can cause root canal infections and spread outside of the tooth into the surrounding bone. In case of gum disease, the attachment between the tooth and the supporting gums and bone is destroyed as a result of inflammatory process that is triggered by the oral bacteria living on the tooth surfaces. As gum disease progresses the teeth become loose and mobile. Bacteria can also spread into the adjacent bone and soft tissue causing abscesses. In most of the cases, dental caries and gum disease can be successfully treated and arrested using standard treatment protocols. However severe forms may not be amenable to the treatment thus requiring removal of the teeth. Other less common causes of tooth loss include traumatic injuries, severe forms of tooth wear, tooth resorption, and tooth cracking as a result of chewing and grinding.

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