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Ways to Keep Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy

Kids’ Teeth Are Important and Need to Stay Healthy

Parents want to keep their kids healthy. However, keeping their kids’ teeth in good condition often goes under the radar with everything else Mom and Dad have on their plates. This, unfortunately, means the oral health of their child may be overlooked until it is too late. It is important to follow these steps to keep your kids’ teeth – and their overall health – in check.

Educate Yourself

Many people know how to keep their own teeth in good order. You brush and floss daily, and make sure you keep up to date on your regular dental cleanings and checkups.

The same goes for children. While it might seem like kids’ teeth can be taken care of in the same fashion as those of adults, there are many other things to consider with your child’s oral health.

Educating yourself on your own good oral health as well as pediatric dentistry will prepare you with the knowledge needed to pass onto your little ones as they grow up. After all, they learn the most from you!

Good Oral Health Begins Before Birth

So when do you start brushing those pearly whites? It’s actually sooner than you think: good oral hygiene for children should begin even before a single tooth comes in. This is because teeth don’t show up months after birth. Their development actually starts in the third trimester, developing in your baby’s jaw before they even arrive to meet you.

To take care of your child’s oral health as they grow up, there are a few things you can do.

  • Lightly brush a warm, damp washcloth along your baby’s gums. This helps clear bacteria.
  • Use an infant toothbrush to gently brush any teeth that erupt.
  • Begin to floss any teeth that have contact.

Be Their Dental Health Role Model

As stated earlier. children learn from watching those around them, most often their parents. If you do not take care of your own teeth, chances are, you are teaching your little one to do the same – and this will eventually lead to decay, cavities, and serious oral issues down the road.

Make sure you do not neglect your teeth, and teach your children to follow suit. Start teaching them early!


  • Brush your teeth in front of your kids so they can see how it is done.
  • When they are a little older, show them how to spit their toothpaste out while brushing.
  • Make brushing time exciting by using fun themed toothbrushes.
  • Take your child to the dentist as soon as their first tooth comes in.
  • Read books and watch shows that show dentists in a positive light.


  • Don’t overdo it with sweets.
  • Don’t let your child go to bed without brushing.
  • Don’t leave your little one with a sippy cup or juice box at night.
  • Don’t share your germs.
  • Don’t punish a child for being too scared at their first dental visit. Sometimes we see young patients a few times before earning their trust!

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body, Healthy Child

Tooth decay in children is, sadly, on the rise in the United States; even the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is working to spread awareness. While it is preventable, many people end up neglecting the health of their kids’ teeth. It is crucial to understand that poor oral health, whether in children or adults, affects the rest of the body, leading to many other health issues down the line.

You’re already their mentor in life. Make sure you’re their mentor in their health, too. Don’t hesitate to contact our office with any questions about your kids’ teeth, or to schedule their first appointment today!


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